Oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion Middleware Solutions - Maximizing Benefits from your IT Spend

Oracle Fusion Middleware

NTSSOFTPRO Solutions delivers Oracle Fusion Middleware by leveraging the best of breed accelerators and custom-built adapters. We provide end-to-end consulting from inception to deployment & support to help global companies smoothly adapt to Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) - Industry's most comprehensive & integrated middleware offering. We combine our industry experience, techniques, re-usable components and IP with Oracle accelerators and expertise to provide comprehensive E-Business Suite services/offerings and enable you to maximize returns on your Oracle investments.

Oracle's Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM) and WebCenter platform help enterprises:

Transform complex application connectivity into agile and re-usable service-based application integration, speeding time to market, increasing agility, and lowering costs.

Automate manual and document-centric business workflows to improve employee productivity and increase process efficiency.

Enable self-service and collaboration within the enterprise and with customers and partners.

NTS Advantage

  • End-to-end consulting from SOA inception to Fusion Middleware deployment & support for migration to Oracle Fusion/ Application Integration Architecture (AIA)
  • 24*7 Online Support
  • System Generated SR Control
  • Siebel-based self-service integration of Siebel to white labeled web storefronts and Oracle E-Business
  • Adapters for Siebel Self Service, Approval Routing, EBS connectivity


  • Help Embrace SOA-Based Integration
  • Integration of Disparate Systems
  • Centralize Applications Lifecycle Management
  • Exponentially extend Business Intelligence Applications Portfolio
  • End-to-End Consulting from SOA Inception to Defining "Customization" Strategy

ADF Mobile

Enterprises have so far primarily focused on customer-centric apps that enable consumers getting access to products and services. On the other hand, Employees have been demanding greater mobility in workplace. In this context, organizations are prioritizing mobile solutions catering to the inner needs of the organization. NTS offers a wide range of services to start your organization's journey toward Mobility. Our offerings have been designed to cater to various industries and business functions.

Mobility Strategy Consulting

NTS Mobility Strategy Consulting provides consulting for Mobile solution assessment and guides on decision criteria for choosing a mobility solution. It enables and helps to choose an appropriate type of application viz. Native or, web-based for defining the roadmap, evaluating Total Cost of Ownership, defining security strategy, porting and testing the application.

Anywhere Enterprise

This solution provides real-time access to core ERP and CRM enterprise functions. Using this, employees can access essential functions on their smart phones and tablets and act on critical business needs, and make better decisions.

Anywhere Sales

This solution empowers the sales teams to focus on revenue generation, improve sales productivity, maintain and grow existing accounts - by accessing and managing real-time customer and pipeline information.

Cloud Application Integration

With the release of SOA Suite, which introduces Cloud Adapter for, Oracle has delivered a single integration platform to unify cloud and on-premises applications thus addressing the concerns of cloud-based integrations. NTS pool of experienced experts and resources in this area ensures quick and quality results to its customers.

Offerings of Oracle Cloud Adapter for

  • Minimizes challenges associated with transaction management and session management resulting in improved performance and increased efficiency
  • Ensures data security by leveraging the Credential Store Framework, which prevents confidential credentials from being exchanged over the network
  • Simplifies development of Cloud integration by standardized wizard-based solution for integrating applications, whether on Cloud or on-premises
  • Provides robust Error Handling capabilities to handle errors
  • Diagnostic capabilities that aid in reporting and alerting in case of errors capabilities

Application to Application Integration

NTS provides a strong background in middleware planning and implementation for organizations that have multiple applications that integrate back into an ERP system.

Key Objectives

  • De-cluttering of point-to-point interfaces within the organization
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Create agile business processes
  • Enable the ability to leverage new features and functionality in applications as and when they become available

Key Benefits

  • With a platform approach, administration and maintenance costs are reduced because of the common tools and technologies being used for all integrations within the organization.
  • SOA helps in creating agile business processes that seamlessly span across multiple applications both within and outside the organization.
  • The concept of loose coupling that SOA promotes helps create an abstraction between the applications involved in the integration. This abstraction facilitates the application upgrade process, without breaking the entire system.

SOA Suite 10g to 11g /12c Migration

Why do you need to migrate from SOA Suite 10g to 11g/12c

  • Limited Oracle support for SOA 10g
  • Enhanced and comprehensive technology offerings of SOA Suite 11g/12c
  • Need for scalability, security and development/ deployment ease
  • Much stable and robust Weblogic Logic Server, with fastest J-Rocket JVM in the market
  • Unified monitoring and management tool

To be on par with your competitors, your organization must migrate to SOA 11g/12c. Leveraging deep industry expertise and Oracle Knowledge, NTS has helped many of our customers in a structured migration process and is the right partner for you on your journey to SOA 11g/12c migration.

Key Benefits

  • Assessment of the existing SOA 10g environment and implementation/migration to SOA 10g/11g as per your requirement
  • Migration of interface services and artifacts from 10g to 11g
  • Toolkit for automating Migration from SOA 10g to 11g
  • Testing and Deployment